Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive? A Complete Guide 2024

Virgin Voyages is an elevated adults-only cruise line with home ports in Miami, San Juan, and Barcelona. Launched in 2021, the brand seeks to defy traditional cruising, offering no buffets, no open bars, and best of all, no kids. This strategy is impactful for the brand, as VV won Cruisecritic’s Cruisers Choice awards in the best overall cruise line, best dining, best cabins, best service, and best value-for-money categories. So, you may be wondering, “Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive”?

Because Virgin Voyages is so different from other lines, navigating all things VV can be confusing. What is included? What’s not? I’ll answer all your questions. I’ve sailed Virgin Voyages twice and know all the ins and outs.

I’m a travel agent, highly-experienced travel planner, and Virgin Voyages aficionado. I’ve been on five Virgin Voyages myself, traveling different itineraries across the three lady ships – Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady.

This is Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady ship. Read more to learn if Virgin Voyages is all inclusive.

Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive? 

No, Virgin Voyages is not all inclusive. All-inclusive typically indicates that all food, all alcoholic beverages, and all activities available are included in the base price.

Virgin Voyages What’s Included?

Virgin Voyages seeks to exhilarate customers with everything included in its cruise fare.

  1. Unrivaled cabins with top-notch housekeeping
  2. Dining experiences and quick service food
  3. Essential drinks, like drip coffee, still & sparkling water, non-pressed juice, and sodas
  4. Entertainment and shows
  5. Almost all of the countless activities onboard (see below for some exceptions)
  6. Group fitness classes, like yoga, spin, barre, and bungee, plus use of the enormous athletic center
  7. WiFi
  8. Gratuities
  9. Access and tram transportation to Bimini Beach Club, if Bimini, Bahamas is a port on your itinerary.

What kind of food is included?

Food options range from upscale restaurants to grab-and-go.

At the five sit-down restaurants, you’ll find a selection of tempting meals, curated by Michelin-star chefs:

  • Extra Virgin – upscale Italian, with delicious antipasto, scrumptious handmade pasta and hearty entrees.
  • Pink Agave – elevated Mexican red-hot experience featuring delectabe small plates and entrees
  • Gunbae – lively Korean BBQ cooked in front of you with authentic drinking games from Korea
  • Test Kitchen – Laboratory-like restaurant with unique gastronomic tasting menus
  • The Wake – Swanky surf and turf steakhouse with a modern twist
  • Razzle Dazzle – Classic comforts in a vibrant setting, highlighting a number of vegetable-forward plates

While most of the restaurants are only open for dinner and special events, the Wake and Razzle Dazzle serve brunch as well.

The Dock (outside)/ The Dock House (inside) is a fantastic lounge-style spot, specializing in delicious mezze-style small plates.

Taking up a good portion of Deck 15, a food court called The Galley offers additional options:

  • Diner & Dash, a 24-hour classic American diner frying omelets in the morning and burgers in the afternoon
  • Hot off the Press sandwich station compiles various sandwiches, paninis, and toasts
  • The Daily Mix salad bar has lots of different options for bases, toppings, and dressings
  • The Taco Shop has rotating taco specials and breakfast burritos in the morning
  • Bento Box, a sushi bar with grab-and-go boxes
  • Noodle Around, known for miso and ramen specials
  • Well Bread, where you can choose from a plethora of pastries and flatbreads
  • The Sweet Side, a sweet-tooth sailor’s dream, featuring cookies, muffins, tarts, and more
  • Pop Star popsicle stand, where you’ll find refreshing, fruity treats

Additional Eateries:

The Sun Club on the top deck delivers Hawaiian-style poke bowls.

The Pizza Place serves delicious thin-crust pizza. It stays open until 2 a.m., so it’s a fantastic option for late-night munchies (my favorite!).

The Social Club, which doubles as an eatery and game room, serves hot dogs, wings, popcorn, treats, and other sports-related fare. This spot is popular for Sunday sports games, as games are streamed on mega TVs.

The Grounds Club features barista-made specialty café drinks, like lattes, cappuccinos, and matcha tea, as well as cookies and other delectable treats.

And, finally, Lick Me Till… is an adorable 50’s style ice cream bar, scooping up six homemade flavors a day.

At any of these eateries, you can order whatever you want, whenever you want. Steak is on the menu at every restaurant. You can order as many servings as you want, too! Just please don’t waste food – half portions are often available.

Meatballs at Extra Virgin restaurant. This is Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady ship. Read more to learn if Virgin Voyages is all inclusive.

What costs extra on Virgin Voyages?

Alcoholic beverages, fresh-pressed juices, barista-crafted specialty café drinks, and designed mocktails are not included.

A few onboard activities, including those that include alcohol, like the Grog Walk bar crawl, Loteria Gigante bingo-style game, Afternoon Tea, and beverage tastings will carry an added fee that you’ll see on the app.

Ship Eats, Virgin’s version of room service that can be delivered anywhere on the ship also carries an additional fee (Pro tip: Virgin cancels the $7 room service charge if you order a paid item. So, order a drink less than $7 to pay less overall).

Virgin Voyages also offers some premium add-ons like caviar and a seafood tower available at restaurants.

Any gambling onboard, like casino games and bingo will cost you extra.

The spa and any services will cost extra. You can get a three-hour timed pass for the spa or choose from services, like massages.

Virgin Voyages Drink Package

Virgin Voyages does not offer a formal drink package as many other cruise lines do. There is no open bar option but drinks can be purchased via Bar Tab or Sailor Loot.

Drinks onboard at On the Rocks. This is Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady ship. Read more to learn if Virgin Voyages is all inclusive.

What is a Virgin Voyage Bar Tab?

A Virgin Voyages bar tab is the brand’s version of a drink package. Some promotions offer a $300 or $600 bar tab, depending on the length of the voyage. Sailors can also pre-purchase a bar tab with a bonus up to 24 hours before embarking. Contact your First Mate/ Travel Agent – it pays to pre-purchase, as bonuses range from $50-$100. First Mates can also often add Sailor Loot, which is onboard credit that can be used for nearly anything onboard, including drinks, shore things (what Virgin calls excursions) the spa, the salon, the shops, the tattoo parlor, and the casino.

You will purchase drinks onboard by tapping your sea band, which you’ll wear as a bracelet. If you are offered a bar tab or opt to purchase one, you can track your spending within the mobile app.

What drinks are included on Virgin Voyages?

Essential drinks, like drip coffee, still & sparkling water, non-pressed juice, and sodas are included onboard. You can easily find beverage stations in The Galley. Pack a reusable water bottle so that you can fill it up at various stations throughout your voyage.

For water in your cabin, your cabin steward will also provide fresh, filtered water to you daily. You can ask for a second jug to be kept and refreshed in the room, too. And, you can call to order more water through the app or the tablet in your cabin.

How much are drinks on Virgin Voyages?

Throughout the ship, most beers range from $5 for US domestic to $11 for craft beers. Most wines range from $8 to $15, with more expensive wines typically being sold in the restaurants. And many cocktails range from $10 to $15. Virgin also offers higher-end wine, champagne, and liquor. See a sample menu below!

Is Bimini Beach Club included?

Yes! If your itinerary includes a stop in Bimini, Bahamas, full usage of Bimini Beach Club, the tram to get there and back, as well as lunch on-site, is included. Currently, all Miami departures, except for transatlantic voyages, stop in Bimini! Alcoholic beverages can be purchased with your seaband and will be charged against your bar tab, as Virgin operates this property. Get insider tips for Bimini here.

Eleanor at Bimini Beach Club. This is Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady ship. Read more to learn if Virgin Voyages is all inclusive.

What is the Virgin Voyages Wifi Upgrade?

Basic wifi is included on Virgin Voyages. This wifi package works well for messaging via iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, catching up on emails, surfing the web, and even internet phone calls. The line offers upgraded wifi, which is best for streaming video, like Netflix or TikTok. The upgrade costs $50-70 for the sailing, if selected on embarkation day. Otherwise, you can upgrade for a daily rate of $15. In my opinion, it’s not necessary to upgrade to premium wifi.

Is Virgin Voyages Adults Only?

Yes! Sailors must be 18+.

Is a Virgin Voyages cruise a good value?

In my opinion, absolutely! According to cruise fans who vote for Cruisecritics annual awards, yes! The food is delicious and service is excellent. I eat VERY well onboard. You can order an appetizer, steak dinner, and dessert every night. Where i’m from, that meal for one would be around $100 itself. Remember: all gratuities are included, too! 

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A photo from Bingo with the Diva. This is Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady ship. Read more to learn if Virgin Voyages is all inclusive.

Final Thoughts: Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive?

No, Virgin Voyages is not all inclusive, although all necessities like food, water, and activities are included! Especially if you receive a bar tab ahead of embarkation, you should be set with expenses., if you are trying to stay on a budget. All purchases can be tracked in the Wallet section of the Virgin Voyages app.

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