Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club. This is a photo taken from the far side of the beach club.

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club: 13 Insider Tips

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club is a gorgeous private resort on the small Bimini Island in the Bahamas. All Virgin Voyages Caribbean sailings that originate in Miami stop at Bimini, including Fire & Sunsets Soirees, Dominican Daze, Mayan Sol, Riviera Maya, Eastern Caribbean Antilles, and Western Caribbean Charm. This stop is typically on the final day of sailing, as Bimini is a short 55-mile distance from Miami.

The luxurious 4.5 acre property has a long stretch of beachfront, where the club placed hundreds of beach chairs and umbrellas.

There are also two enormous resort-style lagoon pools. The property has 6 bars and multiple areas for food, reserved space for activities, hammock lounging, and more covered resort-style lounging. Additionally, private cabanas are available for rent (though I don’t think this is necessary!).

On days that a Virgin ship is in port, it is open to only Virgin sailors. 

View of Bimini from onboard the Valiant Lady

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club: 13 Insider Tips

1. Relax onboard in the morning

There’s no need to wake up and get to the beach club to reserve a lounger unless you are extremely particular about your spot. You may also choose to get up and get out early to enjoy a cooler morning at the beach. It gets very warm mid-day.

Since I like to partake in many late-night activities offered onboard, and because I’ll get up and out early at more adventurous ports, I always take it slow the morning of Bimini. Let’s say I’m on island time.

I’ll get up, eat breakfast in The Galley, and then hit the spa. From there, I go back to my cabin to change and collect my beach stuff, get a juice or other smaller snack, and then head out to the beach club.

No need to grab a towel on your way out – Virgin offers plenty at the beach club. Bring a book, magazine, a hat, cover-up, sunscreen, and anything else you may need for the beach with you, and plan to spend the day outside.

2. Eat breakfast on the ship

You can get an omelet at Diner & Dash in The Galley (like I usually do). A breakfast burrito from Let’s Taco About It in the Galley is also another great option. For sit down, you can have brunch in The Wake and Razzle Dazzle. I don’t like to waste time with more formal sit-down options during the day when I can spend the time doing other things.

3. Don’t book a Shore Thing

I have nothing against the Shore Things (Virgin’s term for excursions). In many of the ports, I highly recommend them. Many sound super fun. I’ve heard that snorkeling in Bimini is incredible. Maybe I’ll get to it one day.

However, the Bimini Beach Club is such a comfortable and fun spot where you can easily spend the day. So, I would consider a Shore Thing unnecessary at this port.

For those who don’t just want to sit at the beach all day, the following Shore Things are available.

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club Shore Things

  • Sapona Shipwreck Shark and Snorkel, from $140 (4 hours, super popular)
  • Sapona Shipwreck Swim and Snorkel, from $85 (2.5 hours, also popular)
  • Wild Dolphin Safari, from $175
  • Swim with Stingrays, from $115
  • Two-Tank Scuba Dive, from $150
  • Views-n-Blues Pontoon Boat Cruise, from $100
  • Jet Ski Tour for two, from $250
  • Kayak Tour for two, from $150
  • Bimini Heritage and Cultural Tour, from $85
  • Fishing Charter, from $250
  • Paint by the Bay, from $85

4. Enjoy some alone time at Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club

Bimini day is a great day for some alone time if you’re traveling with friends. You can easily meet up at the beach club when you’re ready. As I said, I take it easy on these mornings.

5. Choose the perfect spot for you

At Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club, there are many different areas to choose from. There are chairs, couches, hammocks, and lounges throughout the property. And, of course, you’re not limited to the spot you choose when you first arrive. I like to stake out a base for the day.

  • For beach vibes (my favorite for early in the day and the end of the day!) – Choose beach loungers in the sand. Grab one near a walkway for easy access to get up for drinks, food, bathroom, a dip in the water or people-watching
  • For party pool vibes – Pool to the right when you walk in. There are loungers all around the perimeter of the pool
  • Quieter pool vibes – Pool to the left when you walk in. There are loungers over here, as well as in-pool chairs.
  • The bars – I like the bar by the left pool when facing the beach. It has swinging chairs where you can put your feet in the water. There are also multiple water jugs put out there, too. Stay hydrated!

6. Read on the Beach

I usually stay center of the beach and then move over to the pool in the afternoon. I return to the beach after the pool party dies down.

7. Participate in activities

With Virgin Voyages, you can expect surprises and fun in everything you do. The Happenings Cast is outside leading activities, like beachy summer camp-style games at “We Run This Beach.” The Pool & Beach party is the highlight of the day.

Virgin offers Yoga and meditation in the morning at Bimini. The club also has volleyball, bocce ball, and corn hole games.

Check the app for descriptions and times of activities. Most will not require advance sign-up.

8. Take a dip after noon

The best part about this beach club is that you won’t encounter any kids splashing in the pools since Virgin is adults-only. Take at least a dip to cool off.

9. Use your bar tab!

Bimini Beach Club is operated by Virgin. You can use your sea band on-site to purchase beverages, just like you would onboard. Bimini is often the final day of the cruise, so use up your Bar Tab. It’s use it or lose it. (Learn more about what’s included & what’s not here)

Bimini Beach Club has six full bars, so there are plenty of opportunities to move around the property and order different drinks. You can even make your bar crawl. The young adults of the group, especially, will make the most of their bar tabs here.

Bar Menu at Bimini Beach Club

10. Enjoy lunch at Beach Eats

Lunch is served to sailors at no cost. Expect island vibes on the menu!

There are two Beach Eats pavilions with walk-up style small plates. There are beverage and soda machines in the pavilions, and many lunch tables.

There aren’t too many lunch menu options, nor are true snacks available. So, you may go back to the ship for more options. (This is why I eat a big breakfast.)

11. Grab a floaty for the pool party

Led by the Happenings Cast, the party picks up around 1 p.m. with Virgin’s signature Pool & Beach Party. The action will start in the pool on the right side, right in front of the DJ booth. Get ready for an afternoon filled with sun rays, pool time, music, drinks, dancing, and even bubbles.

This pool party is fun for everyone but definitely a highlight of the trip for young adult travelers, like myself. Virgin brings the energy!

12. Relax in a hammock at The Hideaway

Around the perimeter of the beach club, you can find hammocks to take a break in. These areas tend to be the quietest of the property.

13. Stay on the beach as long as you can

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club is so peaceful when the crowds are gone!

Some itineraries stay in Bimini longer than others. Also, the time of year may determine whether or not you can see the sunset from the beach. I sailed on the Dominican Daze itinerary in November and we enjoyed a magnificent pink and blue sunset from the beach.

Most sailors travel back to the ship early to shower and get ready for the evening. Typically, since Bimini is the final day of the cruise, there isn’t too much partying happening, so I recommend spending more time on the beach instead of on your hair and makeup.

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Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club FAQs

Which cruise ships go to the Bimini Beach Club?

On days that Virgin ships are in port, the club is reserved for Virgin sailors only.

How often do shuttles from the ship to Bimini Beach Club run?

Tram shuttles run at no cost from the port to the beach club. The frequency may depend on volume. They typically run every ten minutes. It is a pleasant seven-ish minute drive.

What else can I do in Bimini?

You can also take the resort shuttle into Fisherman’s Village Marina shopping area and the Resorts World casino at no cost.

From Fisherman’s Village, some sailors opt to rent a golf cart to take themselves around the island. I haven’t done this, as I haven’t felt the need to spend additional money. Golf cart rentals average $60 – and you can negotiate. If you rent a golf cart, you can explore the southern part of North Bimini, where you’ll find fresh seafood and some places to drink.

Should I buy a cabana?

NO. I don’t recommend that anyone buy a cabana. There are plenty of places to sit, no matter what the vibe you’re seeking. Cabanas start at $500.

What’s on the menu at Bimini Beach Club?

The Bimini Beach Club menu is island themed.


  • Lechon asado with mojo marinade & watermelon radish
  • Caribbean Chicken & Coconut Curry with ginger & cilantro
  • Banana Lead Steamed Red Snapper with Veracruz sauce
  • West Indian Pumpkin Curry with plantain chips
  • Bahamian Mango & Macadamia Nut Salad with crispy tofu and tamari soy dressing


  • Watermelon & Jicama Salad with cucumber, mint, calypso vinaigrette
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob with jerk mayo and toasted coconut
  • Crispy Cassava with spicy mango mustard


  • Rum cake with guava sauce
  • Tropical Fruit Salad with lemongrass, cardamom, and ginger

I’ve had the lechon asado, watermelon salad, grilled corn, and rum cake. All are good, but not quite the quality of the food onboard.

How does payment work?

Since Virgin operates the beach club, sailors can use their sea bands to pay for beverages at the beach club. Bar charges will first come out of the bar tab, and then sailor loot. If you don’t have any more credits, purchases will be charged to the card in the Wallet section on the app.

Does the beach club have wifi?

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club has wifi throughout the property! It works very well. Be sure to set your phone to airplane mode once you embark in Miami to avoid international fees.

What is typical Bimini, Bahamas weather?

Bimini, Bahamas has great beachy weather year-round. Temperatures rarely fall below 80 degrees during the day. For the best chance of clear skies and no tropical storms, travel from November to May.

Will there be a bonfire?

Yes and no. You may see what appears as a bonfire in photos but the beach bonfire is no longer an official activity. Once the sun starts to set, the staff lights a fire in a large globe sphere.

Final Thoughts: Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club

Virgin Voyages Bimini Beach Club is an incredible oasis at a gorgeous cruise port. Make the most of your time there between the sandy beach and the cool pool. You’ll be wishing to go back!

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This post is not sponsored by Virgin Voyages. This information is for entertainment purposes only. Cruise itineraries and offerings may be altered by Virgin Voyages at any time.